JBA Baller Demba Thimbo Interview

This past Sunday Lavar Ball’s new league the Junior Basketball Association (JBA for short) had their final try out in New York. Seven players were selected to the New York Ballers and Demba Thimbo was one of them. I caught up with Demba to find out more about him and his experience at the tryout.

Daniel Flores (DF): Where are you from?

Demba Thimbo (DT): I’m from Montreal Canada.

DF: What are your measurements?

DT: I’m 7’1 240.

DF: Where were you previously playing basketball before you tried out for the JBA?

DT: I was playing at TBA Prep in Toronto.

DF: Why did you decide to try out for the JBA?

DT: I saw playing in the JBA as a great opportunity to pursue my dream of playing in the NBA. I think they have the tools to help me make it a reality.

DF: What is your goal in your basketball career?

DT: Playing professional basketball most likely in the NBA.

DF: Who in the NBA is your game most like?

DT: Joel Embiid

DF: If Lamelo Ball plays on the Los Angeles Ballers, do you think your team (the New York Ballers) can beat his team?

DT: My team from New York is pretty stacked, guys are really hungry and unselfish. I think we have a great shot to take down Lamelo’s team.

Follow Demba on Instagram @_24demz for more on his journey to the JBA.

At the time this was published Demba was still on the New York Ballers, but he has confirmed that he was “traded” and will be playing with the Los Angeles Ballers.

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